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Address: Iran - Mashhad - Asian Highway km 18 - Boulevard epic Shahnameh-61 - St. Bijan, the agroindustrial complex sanctification Herb

Tel: 051 - 36770923-9

Fax: 051-36770923

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Taghdis herb
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Plant Oil
Taghdis herb
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Taghdis herb
Agroindustrial complex Taghdis Herb in 2200 sqm land area of one hectare with infrastructure in 1990
Herbal tea
Taghdis herb
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Borage and Lemon herbal tea
Borage and Lemon
Properties :Cario-neurotic stimulating, heartthrob relief, vertigo and ear noise removing, adrenals stimulating
Slimming herbal tea
Six plant
Properties :Fat burning, weight loss and thinning, digestive system reinforcement
Relax herbal tea
twelve plant
Properties :Tranquilizer, cheering,cardio nervous reinforce-ment,nervous pain killer and resolving insomnia
White tea
White tea
Properties :Strengthen the heart, Rich in antioxidants, Anticancer, Effective dental health, Thirst quenching, Repel moisture and body heat
Peppermint herbal tea
Properties :Anti-bloating, Strengthen the stomach and fooddigestion
Diabetes herbal tea
Properties :Diabetes treatment
Saffron tea
Properties :Effective for depression treatment, accelerating blood and oxygen circulation, relieves daily fatigue
Cinnamon and ginger herbal tea
Cinnamon and ginger
Properties :total body in vigoration, joint pain relief,stimulating blood circulation, having hot temper
Chamomile herbal tea
Properties :Nervous headaches relief, digestive system tumult relief, menstruation pain relief ,anti-allergic
Sour herbal tea
Sour tea
Properties :Blood purifier, lowering blood pressure and lipid
Thyme herbal tea
Properties :Removing respiratory system infections, increasing body resistance, cough and sore throat relief,strong antibacterial
green tea and lemon herbal tea
green tea and lemon
Properties :Anti-cancer, removing thirst, tranquilizer,nerve tranquilizer, effective in dental health
Lavender herbal tea
Properties :Nerve stimulating,nervous insomnia treatment, effective in depression and asthma treatment

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Contact Information


Address: Iran – mashhad - Km 18 Asian Highway - Shahnameh Blvd – shahnameh 61 - Street Bisan- Agro-industrial complex Taghdis Herb

Phone factory : 0098-051-36770926-9

Fax : 0098- 051-36770923

Sms System: 500531668

Post box : 91895-1115

Email : info@taghdisherb.com


Telegram :https://telegram.me/taghdisherb

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