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Introduction Company Taghdis herb


Agroindustrial complex Taghdis Herb  in 2200 sqm land area of one hectare with infrastructure in 1990 by Haj Gholamreza Taghdisi Hematian daughter as Agro-Industry was established Mashhad efforts and activities in the field of production and packaging herbal oils and herbal tea, sweat and rosewater decision-making has been the traditional way of cultivation of medicinal plants, however, limited and scattered. And that is the foundation of today's activities can not be ignored, in 2007 the Reconstruction of the company The track and the seriousness of the survivors of the deceased agribusiness company name change and the sanctification Herb registration number 29804 Azadarh successful in obtaining the operating license of the Food and Drug Administration. Quest continues in 2011 with a research and development company has been successful in obtaining a health license, Persian date april 2015 in this series to obtain a license from the FDA is a medicinal plant oils is hoped that with the help of God, the effort and Innovation experts can also take satisfaction dear major step forward in improving public health.